What your neck knows about your feet

I've been finding recently the direct connection between the neck, particularly the upper cervical area, and the feet. I knew there were many proprioceptor cells in both areas, so the neck can always adjust the position of the head based upon what the feet were doing, but this is different. This has been the discovery that they have become paired, similar to the ways the eyes and the neck have, because they are in sync and firing together so often. What this means is that if you hold the back of your neck near your skull and move your feet, you'll feel the connection. If you hold your neck gently at the same time, you'll be able to notice your legs ankles, and feet begin to release and reset, at times including your entire spine and hips. It's a wonderful way to help your legs and works just as well or better than massaging your feet and legs directly!Neck Massage

Be sure to have a gentle, but secure hold on your neck and move your feet very slowly so you can perceive the response in your neck, then wait a few seconds to allow your system to respond. If you switch your attention to your feet and move your feet or your toes gently while holding your neck, you'll also feel your neck begin to let go in a reciprocal fashion. Now they're both free of each other again, and will have increased range of motion and less tension.