What I Learned about Menstrual Cramps

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The birth of my daughter ended the powerful cramps that used to accompany my periods, rendering me pretty useless for a couple of days each month. I could still relate when a teenager approached me with similar heavy cramping, pain and pressure in the belly and back with headaches similar to migraines. Previously when a woman came in with discomfort from her 'moon cycle', I always focused on the tension in the lower back. This time I thought to include the internal organs and abdominal region itself. The results were very different.

This time I ventured into the tension in the pelvic floor - her uterus, bladder, surrounding ligaments and muscles. I noticed a good deal of heat releasing from the energy centers at the dantien, as well as from her solar plexus. This made me think of the meridians that are connected to the sexual organs, so I gave attention to her kidneys and spleen, making sure they were mobilized, along with the yang pairs of the stomach and bladder meridians. Touching in with the liver is always helpful. Then, releasing the compression within and around the sacrum with cranial sacral methods allowed more tension to disperse, resulting in the end of her cramps. We were both very happy and surprised by the result, and it gave me something to contemplate. This event happens on many levels within the system, including visceral, bony, connective tissue, fluid, muscular, biochemical, and energetic layers. Easing the pressure and contraction from each layer allows the process to happen with more ease and comfort.