Recovering from Sitting

The last years of writing put me in front of the computer so much more than usual, and the building stagnation from reduced movement was very noticeable. The shortening though the core, compression at the sacrum and low back, tension in the bones of the hands, tightness in the shoulders and hamstrings, not to mention the ribcage and diaphragm pressing down on the internal organs.

I experimented with some antidotes that were so helpful and restorative. The first was leaning through a doorway with my forearms on the frame of the door and letting my chest gently fall forward, opening the pecs while keeping the spine straight. Then doing a runner's lunge to open the hip flexors and those poor little squished psoas muscles that give freedom do my dear kidneys. Reaching out away from my shoulders with my arms straight out to the sides (lying down or standing works) opens the shoulder joints again and anything that helps the shoulders and arms helps the neck. I rotate my arms and hands while the arms are outstretched and feel for lines of tension, then compress, decompress, compress, decompress at the joint and watch the little sore places dissolve.