More Running

What a great way to get your heart rate up! Just a quick 10 minute run, and a 10 minute cool down stretch. It helped a bunch to massage my feet and ankles first, since that's what I noticed most after the last run. I'm also wanting to optimize my gait. I noticed that my shoes were almost incidental and I'd been using my legs to lift my shoes and put them back down, instead of using my feet to propel my legs. Big difference! The other thing that helped a bunch was arching my back. This immediately lifted my chest and almost had the effect of putting the wind at my back! It gives more room for the hip joint to articulate and more space for the diaphragm so breathing is easier. When my legs started to feel heavy on the uphill part, I stopped and stimulated stomach 36 just beneath the head of the fibula, the point that brings energy into your legs. Wow! You gotta try that one! It really works.