Product Description

Kikoo and Boonie meet a new friend and apprentice, Tais, as they prepare to find and rescue a frightened little girl who's gone missing from her neighborhood The boys have two new guides who are more like angels to help direct them along the way for which they will need to go through a special and fantastic training. There are new challenges each step of the way, but also new rewards. Kikoo is particularly fond of his new younger mentor, Bilal who has much more developed skills to offer. As Kikoo begins to change, his mother notices and expresses concern in a way that creates a new challenge for Kikoo and Boonie. All Rights Reserved (c) 2013 (Illustrated by Green Family Studios, Published by First Edition Design Publishing, Graphic Design and Layout by Roehrick Design).

“A sprinkle of magic, a pinch of fantasy, and a splash of spiritualism, gorgeously illustrated, make for a delightful stew, guaranteed to nourish the imagination of the young reader.... Kikoo and the Rainbow Saddle is colorful, creative and fun!” – D. Pascoe, author, educational consultant