More on Posture

Seated posture can be a difficult one to keep up with during the day, since the attention is often bigstock-correct-sitting-position-at-wo-49857980on what's in front of us, particularly bigstock-bad-sitting-posture-at-worksta-42147640if you're working at a desk. There are several different types of ergonomic chairs or seats out there that can help, but when your body is fatigued, it most likely will begin to slump. When the arms are forward for a while, the weight of them will tend to drop the ribs and diaphragm onto your belly and its internal organs. The loss of breath and resulting compression on sensitive viscera can be costly to your health over time. Mindfulness is so very helpful, but getting up and taking breaks is best when the body begins to sag and loses its energy to sustain good posture. Many times the loss of energy is due to the reduced flow of oxygen, blood flow, nutrients, or compression of the joints and spine restricting energy flow.

bad sitting posture at tablet  - business man on stability ball

bigstock-correct-sitting-position-at-wo-42147637Those old knee stools are great for supporting good posture, as are the exercise balls that allow your pelvis to float and roll you up onto your sit bones. The saddle chairs are also helpful in that they allow your legs to drop to a 45 degree angle so that your belly has space and your psoas can remain elongated. It might be easier if the screen, book, or information you're looking at is a little higher or your chair is a little lower than the surface it's placed on so your eyes can look forward or even a little up, rather than bending your neck and head down or keeping your eyes lowered for long periods of time.

Another helpful option is to stretch out at the end of the work day in a way that lengthens the front side of your body and opens the pectorbigstock-Saddle-chair-isolated-on-plain-79671982alis muscles back out. Stretching out your hips and thigh muscles would also be sublime and reduce the cumulative tensions that build up while holding your body steady  as your hands are busy. Be sure to move those shoulders around periodically so they don't stiffen just from supporting the arms while your hands are working. Many professions require this combination of muscle patterns, such as dentists, jewelers, aestheticians, beauticians, architects, graphic artists and so on.  One reason yoga is so beneficial is that it opens all the joints back out again, lengthens the tissue fields, and facilitates energy and fluid flow as it releases tension. If you can't get to a class or have massage to balance you back out again, do maintain the best posture during the day, take a walk during lunch and after work, and breathe fully whenever you think about it.