Help for Your Shoulders at Work

The electronic revolution has been incredibly fast and is now pervasive in every home and office. Computers are  Woman in headphones sitting at desk in office irreplaceable at this stage and immensely useful for work, but take a toll on our bodies. The position of holding the shoulders relatively still while working just the fingers is very unnatural and gives the shoulders the idea that they don't need such a wide range of motion anymore. The forward position tightens the pecs, strains the rhomboids, traps, but also compresses the bones in the hands, tenses the forearms and runs the risk of locking down the shoulder joint. Sitting easily tightens the hamstrings and gluts while compressing the low back and sacrum and shortening the psoas.

It sounds like quite a bit of contraction, and it is, but it is also easily remedied. At the end oModel With Arms Stretchedf the daSpinal Stretch On The Swiss Bally, take a few minutes to put your body in the opposite position it has been in all day, or for several hours. If you have a ball, you can gently lay back on it; if not, use the floor to open out your thighs, arms, hips and shoulders. Along with stretching our your arms and shoulders, add something to lengthen those hamstrings, adductors in the inside of your thighs, and abdomen area to lift your ribs again. It's difficult to sit for long periods without slumping somewhat.

As long as your body is opened back up and mobilized at the end of the day, you'll be fine. It will always help to add some aerobic exercise at lunchtime or before dinner so avoid the stagnation that can happen with sitting for several hours, even if it's for just 10 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????minutes. Getting that heart rate up and filling your system with oxygen will help flush it, rejuvenate you, A little stretch for the hands, wrists and fingers will go a long way also. The relaxation gained in your hands not only relaxes your forearms and shoulders, but it also does wonders for your neck, and helps to calm your brain. Be sure to hold your eyes while cupping your hands for just a few minutes, to recharge  them after they've had to focus on the computer screen for much of the day. The eyes take up a lot of space in the brain and will do wonders to relax your overall system if you give them some energy and relief at the end of the day.