Gravity ~ Need a Lift?

In trying to avoid the compressing of sitting, I developed a standing station for my computer and noticed some effects in my feet and legs. I didn't realize initially that gravity would be then adding a load throughout my entire body without the chair the absorb some of it. I added a doubled-over rubber pad to help my feet, and often use dance music to keep them moving, but the downward pressure into my legs and feet was still tiring. Although they strengthened in a few weeks, there was still a need for massaging them at night, and releasing the impacts on my knees via the calves, hamstrings and quads. I've discovered a wonderful solution that gives a global lift to the entire system.

In the shower, morning and night, I make sure to run the washcloth up my legs on all sides, focusing on the tissue fields beneath the first layer of skin, pulling the entire field up toward the knees. Then I repeat the same thing with my thighs, the lower and upper arms. Already much more energy is surging through my system and a sense of relief is spreading. Last comes the torso, after the pressures have been released and redistributed from the extremities. Moving gently up the sides, the belly, the chest, and very consciously up the spine and back (careful over the kidneys), another wave of relief begins to spread through my system.

It helps to be aware of what's underneath the area you're contacting, then envision each layer while you're moving upwards, like the muscle group, the diaphragm, the meninges, certain ligaments, the rib heads, etc. You can be as detailed or specific as you like, and the body will respond. Last, but not at all least, I move to the intestines, add a gentle pressure toward the back, and lift - this is the 'joy' move. Hold there for a few seconds and feel the releases throughout the pelvic bowl, the bladder, uterus, sacrum, hips, lungs - the entire area feels the pressure being removed and has the ability to reset while the systems and structures are in slack. Females can do the same with the breasts, even if they're small, in finding a neutral position and resting there for a few seconds, the pulls on the organs, tissues, and vessels behind them will be able to shift and reset. Here's to making peace with gravity!