Detox Shower

In the beginnings of catching a cold, I was wondering what else I could do to shift the direction beyond all the supplements and support for the immune system. Then the salt scrub entered my mind. I have one that describes itself as a 'detox' scrub which includes some awesome essential oils and food medicinals like dandelion root and burdock root. The salts with trace minerals do wonderful things to assist, nourish, and strengthen th??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????e system while they exfoliate and help the body release the old layer of skin.

Then I decided to take it a step further and spend a little extra time on the lymph glands with the salts, moving the wash rag from the central, arm, and pelvic channels up and out near the clavicle, then bringing down the flow from the sinuses and throat. Wow! That felt so amazing I'm going to do it even when I'm not getting sick! Next, I used the black mud soap that also has a zillion minerals from the Dead Sea that always leaves my skin feeling like I'd just been to an aesthetician - silky smooth and refreshed.

Have to be a little sensitive now with the drought, but that was hands down the most amazing shower I ever had, and the cold is barely catching me, as they say. The symptoms are very minor and passing through my system easily with little change in energy or presence. This is my new BFF.  Just an additional note - that if you're buying salts in bulk - Himalyan or Dead Sea for max mineral content - they come in various sizes from coarse to fine. The skin will probably do better with the finer ones.  It's also possible to make your own scrub, or just use the salts by themselves on a wet washrag.