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Runners and Lungs

A few times recently when working with joggers and runners, particularly those who run long distances, there’s been a tendency for tightness in the shoulders. Everyone who runs even for a short distance remembers the tendency to lift your shoulders while running, probably as an instinctive way to make more room for the breath, since the upper lobe of the lungs is right under the collar bone area and in front of the scapula. This tension can permeate the membranes under the ribs, like the parietal peritoneum and the pleura,



What My Face Taught Me About My Back – Part 1

Whenever a stretch or movement doesn’t hold long I’m always curious as to why, then I start looking for what else could be related. In this case I’ve discovered a few key things about my face that¬†gave amazing relaxation to the muscles surrounding my spine. It took a while to realize that the sensation in the bones of my nose were related to the back of my head and to my spine. It probably wouldn’t have dawned on me if it weren’t for the classes I took in Cranial Sacral



The ‘Sit’ Bones and Your Back

Many things happen bio-mechanically while you’re sitting, even if you have great posture, but less so when you optimize the distribution of forces. The main thing to consider is what you’re sitting on, not just the seat, but your body. Those two bones, the ischial tuberosities or ‘sit bones’ are just at the bottom of the pelvis – the ischium. They protrude a bit so they’re easy to feel and find whether you’re standing or sitting. We’re always guided to sit right on top of them because that will balance