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Runners and Lungs

A few times recently when working with joggers and runners, particularly those who run long distances, there’s been a tendency for tightness in the shoulders. Everyone who runs even for a short distance remembers the tendency to lift your shoulders while running, probably as an instinctive way to make more room for the breath, since the upper lobe of the lungs is right under the collar bone area and in front of the scapula. This tension can permeate the membranes under the ribs, like the parietal peritoneum and the pleura,



What My Face Taught Me About My Back – Part 1

Whenever a stretch or movement doesn’t hold long I’m always curious as to why, then I start looking for what else could be related. In this case I’ve discovered a few key things about my face that gave amazing relaxation to the muscles surrounding my spine. It took a while to realize that the sensation in the bones of my nose were related to the back of my head and to my spine. It probably wouldn’t have dawned on me if it weren’t for the classes I took in Cranial Sacral



The ‘Sit’ Bones and Your Back

Many things happen bio-mechanically while you’re sitting, even if you have great posture, but less so when you optimize the distribution of forces. The main thing to consider is what you’re sitting on, not just the seat, but your body. Those two bones, the ischial tuberosities or ‘sit bones’ are just at the bottom of the pelvis – the ischium. They protrude a bit so they’re easy to feel and find whether you’re standing or sitting. We’re always guided to sit right on top of them because that will balance



More on Posture

Seated posture can be a difficult one to keep up with during the day, since the attention is often on what’s in front of us, particularly if you’re working at a desk. There are several different types of ergonomic chairs or seats out there that can help, but when your body is fatigued, it most likely will begin to slump. When the arms are forward for a while, the weight of them will tend to drop the ribs and diaphragm onto your belly and its internal organs. The loss of



Help for Your Shoulders at Work

The electronic revolution has been incredibly fast and is now pervasive in every home and office. Computers are  irreplaceable at this stage and immensely useful for work, but take a toll on our bodies. The position of holding the shoulders relatively still while working just the fingers is very unnatural and gives the shoulders the idea that they don’t need such a wide range of motion anymore. The forward position tightens the pecs, strains the rhomboids, traps, but also compresses the bones in the hands, tenses the forearms and



Taking Care of Your Core

In recent weeks I’ve noticed a pattern in clients’ bodies in that they’ve contracted in the center of their bodies, I’m guessing, due to the cold weather we’ve been having. It’s a completely natural response for the system to protect its valuable internal organs and contract to hold the heat in, but then all of that needs to be released at the end of the day. Not only do the back, thighs, hips and shoulders pull in towards the midline, but the organs themselves also wind up bunching up and



What I Learned about Menstrual Cramps

The birth of my daughter ended the powerful cramps that used to accompany my periods, rendering me pretty useless for a couple of days each month. I could still relate when a teenager approached me with similar heavy cramping, pain and pressure in the belly and back with headaches similar to migraines. Previously when a woman came in with discomfort from her ‘moon cycle’, I always focused on the tension in the lower back. This time I thought to include the internal organs and abdominal region itself. The results were



What your neck knows about your feet

I’ve been finding recently the direct connection between the neck, particularly the upper cervical area, and the feet. I knew there were many proprioceptor cells in both areas, so the neck can always adjust the position of the head based upon what the feet were doing, but this is different. This has been the discovery that they have become paired, similar to the ways the eyes and the neck have, because they are in sync and firing together so often. What this means is that if you hold the back



Bras and the lymph nodes

I’ve noticed at times that the area beneath or at the side of my breasts have become tender, usually after wearing a bra (especially a sport bra) that’s been pressing on the lymph there for too long. When the connection became clear I went out shopping for different types of bras. Mind you, I’d already stopped using the underwire type, but even without that added firm material of the underwire, the tension on the diaphragm and the lymph nodes had become too much. Sport bras are really tight usually, but



Looking at the Sky

At the end of the day, after all the eye contact, computer work, time spent driving, focusing, reading, the brain could be buzzing with all the sensory input. The input through the senses stimulate the nervous system and can easily add bits of tension around the body, but particularly the neck and shoulders, and along the spine. Looking up at the sky, beyond the clouds during the day, or past the stars at night, puts you back in touch with the calm, vast part of you that is beyond the