Boots and heels

It's such a fashion look these days to wear those spike heels that are so high women have to walk on the balls of their feet; boots have high heels these days as well. Work boots don't usually have high heels, but pose the same issue - they all block ankle motion, and/or foot mobility. They are a great look for the shape of the legs, and thetoe shoes work boots are needed for protection against things falling on the feet, but they're all binding for the feet and stiffening for the ankles. What happens afterwards is that the calves and achilles shorten, the muscles along the shin harden, and the bones between the foot and the ankle compress. The peroneous, along the side of the leg, becomes tight when the ankle ceases to move properly, creating a line of tension all the way up the IT band into the hip.

I'm not suggesting to stop wearing them, but to be aware of what happens when natural motion is inhibited in the foot and ankle. It's easy to fix - just treat yourself to a wonderful foot massage when you get home using some olive oil or sesame oil from the kitchen, or better yet have your significant other do it for you. Just make sure, like in the earlier post with the picture of the foot on the little ball, that you regain full motion in all directions of your ankles, of your toes and that you feel flexibility in between your toes down in the area of the instep. This will go a long way in protecting your knees, hips, and back, or you can try using those cute little toe shoes mentioned in the earlier post a couple days a week to help regain natural motion.