Ankles and the IT Band

Most men and many active women experience tightness in the IT band and some have been using those foam rollers to help out. There are a few things that contribute to that tightness, but what has worked beautifully and fairly consistently to release it is the mobility of the ankles. Most feet are prone to inversion and are almost prevented from eversiankle mobilizeon as the pattern progresses. This puts quite the strain on the lateral fascia which runs from the foot through the hip and all the way up the spine.

If the ankle can move freely in all directions, but particularly in eversion, with the outer edge lifted up (as in pronation), it will release quite a bit of strain up that side of the leg, and the peroneous on the lower leg and the IT band on the thigh will be much happier and much softer! Rolling the foot around on a little ball, or even a softball can really help keep things opened up in the foot and ankle and make everything you do with your legs more efficient.